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Perlen Steel Corp. was founded in 1982 by Richard Perlen. The company’s growth and success was obtained by providing fast service for multiple applications in the Elevator and Construction Industries in the booming NYC construction markets. Specializing in custom fabrication for both industries, Perlen expanded in the counterweight burning business and distribution of both Elevator Guide Rails and Wire Ropes. Perlen has expanded to provide its full capabilities not only in New York City, but throughout the Northeast Corridor.

Our Services

elevator shaft

Elevator Supplies

Do you need guide rails or wire rope? KSJ Perlen Steel provide it all including counterweights, test cart and much more.
metal fabrication


Are you looking for punching, drilling, milling or any other fabrication? You are in the right place.

High Temperature Metals/ALLOY

For improved performance and reliability in extreme environments use KSJ Perlen Steel.

Steel & Metal Distribution

Are you looking for stainless steel, aluminum, bars or sheets? We got it all and so much more.